Kevin Cupp

New EE Addon: Purge

I knew I loved Varnish Cache when it transformed an ExpressionEngine template’s load time from 9 seconds1 down to 23 milliseconds, and made it capable of 700 hits per second. A page that would previously bring my server to its knees if accessed too many times in succession was now being served effortlessly.

Well, this is awesome, I thought. I’ll just set the time-to-live for objects in the cache to like 1000 hours. But the problem is if we make a change in the backend, it won’t show up until that 1000-hour TTL is over. So I need a way to automatically purge all objects out of this site when something in the CMS is updated. Enter Purge.

Purge will send a purge request to Varnish whenever an entry is submitted, edited or deleted. There is even a link in the control panel to manually send a purge request, in case you change a category label and need the change to show on the front end.

So if you use Varnish and EE (I think there’s 4 of us), let me know how it works for you and let me know of any issues or suggestions via the GitHub page.

  1. There are many bottlenecks to check when diagnosing poor ExpressionEngine performance, but unfortunately there was no getting around some complex relationships we needed.