Kevin Cupp

Starting Fresh

I’ve been starting my blog off and on since 2002. Well, here we go again, fullfilling the itch.

Ever since 2002, I’ve run my blog using Movable Type. Ah those were the days, when Ben and Mena Trott were still coding a little CMS in Perl out of their home and no one knew what a blog was. The explosion of blogging has made me hesitate rejoining, I figured I would get lost in the noise. But, the itch wins.

I’ve decided to start fresh archives. No one wants to go back and read my ramblings as a high schooler or college student complaining about the weather or Comcast, or see my reviews of 5-year-old products.

I’m also using a new blogging tool called Jekyll. Basically, it’s a static file blog generator. Having to manage highly-trafficked sites lately, I’ve become fascinated with the idea of serving up content with very little processing power, and extremely quickly. The key is serving up pregenerated content, and if you want to be really safe, put it behind a caching proxy like Varnish. Thousands of requests per second? No problem.

The site will be pretty minimal in terms of design and fluff. Don’t worry, I’m not one of those minimalist guys who’s going to tell you how to wash your dishes. But since I’m not a designer, this site will usually look terrible, so you might just want to subscribe and keep up in your favorite feed reader.